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Aaron J. Affleck, M.D.

I want to personally welcome you to my website; my name is Aaron J. Affleck of Affleck, M.D. Eye Care. I cherish the years I have been privileged to serve the community of Eastern Idaho.I say privilege, because I believe I have been honored to treat many outstanding Idahoans. Eastern Idaho patients have unforgettable character and values.          
Aaron J. Affleck, M.D. eye Surgeon

I am excited to be part of their lives each day. I invite patients ages infants to seniors to my practice. I do not require a referral (1) to visit with me.  My goals are to offer you options that work towards rewarding sight. This means, I, Aaron J. Affleck, M.D. personally examine your eyes, we together through education and careful evaluation design a treatment plan at your comfort level. I promise at each visit you will have my years of experience, extensive educations and skills to guide you in understanding your condition and in treating your conditions. 

This website is not mean to give medical advice, but hopefully introduce myself, education, and some services I offer.  I hope it will give you the tools you need to make an informed decision of whom you choice for yourself and your family’s eye care needs.  However, in the end the only true way to know if I am the right ophthalmologist for you is to make an appointment so we can see eye to eye.  I look forward to your visit. Respectfully, -Dr. Affleck 

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 Since this website is for information purposed only and not intended to be medical advice 
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(1) Exception is if your insurance requires a referral to cover the cost of seeing a specialist.