Meet the Facility

Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment, tools and certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software.  It is located in one convenient office in Idaho Falls.  The facility caters to all ages with a separate lobby for our young patients and their family.  Our exam rooms are equipped with TVs.

State of the art equipment & tools

Much of the equipment at Affleck, MD Eye Care is manufactured by Carl Zeiss.  They are a leading company in diagnostic systems for ophthalmology. 

Certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR)  software

We are one of the first Ophthalmologic practice in Idaho Falls to invest and set up an entire comprehensive system of EMR charting system.  Setting up EMR for our patients provides them many benefits and this proactive step in medical records allows us to meet the future requirements of federal government.  Some of the benefits include:

Improve quality of care and patient safety by make available complete, trustworthy, accessible, and timely patient information to the patient's network of healthcare providers.

Cost savings and increase efficiencies by eliminating  the cost of paper charts, space and cost of labor in creating charts, filing or refilling charts.  Also a staff member or doctor can have a patient's information  immediately.  There are no longer  "lost charts" among the thousands of file folders.