Dropless Cataract

Dr. Affleck is the first surgeon in Eastern Idaho to offer Dropless Cataract Surgery.

Striving to improve his patient’s quality of care, Dr. Affleck carefully followed this innovated technique of dropless cataract.  The technique is during surgery medications of antibiotic and steroid are placed around the eye.  This reduces or eliminated using postoperative drops.


Benefits to the patient:



Increased effectiveness


Through Dr. Affleck diligent hard work he paved the path for other Ophthalmologist in this area to also offer Dropless Cataract Surgery.  However, the placement is critical and fine tune skills like Dr. Affleck are need.


Call 208-523-6868 today, and receive a cataract kit explaining how dropless cataract surgery works, options Dr. Affleck offers, financial programs offered, and more.