Is it time to remove your cataracts?

Dr. Affleck, M.D. in Idaho Falls, ID has done thousands of successful cataract surgery.  His thought are removal of cataracts are when the patient it “ready.”
What makes someone “READY?”

For some patients it is when the insurance will pay for it.  Most insurances state a cataract removal is medically necessary at decreased vision ability and interference with the patient’s lifestyle due to the decrease.
At Affleck, MD Eye Care we will provide the tests to see if your vision has been impaired.  The patient provides the lifestyle complaint.  

Lifestyle complain examples…

  • I don’t drive at night anymore because of the glare off the lights.
  • I get new glasses but they have not worked,
  • I still can’t seeI think colors are purple and gray but I am informed they are red and blue.


A persistent myth about cataract surgery is that you should wait for a cataract to "ripen."  Depending on one’s profession and way of life, different people have different visual needs.  If a cataract (even in its early stages) is significant enough to interfere with activities and lifestyle, then most often insurance qualifies it for removal. With the advent of modern day cataract surgery techniques, today it is considered ideal to treat cataracts as early as possible and comfortable for the patient.