Reading and Distance

"I am 64 years old, I don’t know how long I will live,But while I am living I want to enjoy it the best I can.So of course, I am going to invest in my sight!"- M.T.
"I used glasses all my life, and now for most of my everyday activites I don't!"  It is so nice not to see the lined bi-focals anymore, or tilt my head to read." - S. W.
What do these two patients of Dr. Affleck in Idaho Falls, ID have in common?  They invested in a replacement lens for cataract surgery that provides both distance and reading correct.

Remember your youthful eyes? 

Near correction is needed during activities like reading, sewing,or other close up work Intermedicate correction is needed during activies like looking at the car's dashboard,computer work and cooking on a stove.
Distance correction is need to seefar away tasks like driving, playing golf,watching movies or shooting Astigmatizm correction is needed when the eye is shaped incorrectly and so the mind blurrs the edges of an object to avoid seeing double vision. 







 1 Restor with astigmatize correction LASK $$$$$  ♦  ♦    
 2 Restor with LRI $$$$  ♦      ♦
3 Restor $$$        
 4 Toric $$        ♦
5 Monovision $        
6 Conventional IOL $

    Only One Correction