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Hydration Therapy:  What can I do before surgery to help improve my outcome? 

Before any eye surgery you want the condition of your eye to be as healthy as possible for quicker healing.  One way this can be done is with hydration therapy.  It is quite simple and takes only a few minutes a day.  At least a week or more before surgery apply lubricant or moisture drops (also known as artificial tears) to the eye three times daily.  Also drink plenty of water each day.
Dr. Affleck recommends lubricant drops with no preservatives. Some brand names without preservatives are: Refresh Tears, Systane, Thera Tears, Blink Tears and GenTeal.  These drops are found at your local stores and pharmacy and are over the counter drops. 

For those who wear contact lenses rewetting drops must be used while wearing your lenses or do not wear the lenses when applying the drops.  Also wait 5 minutes before replacing the lenses. Some rewetting drop brand names without preservatives are: Opti-Free, Complete, Lens Plus, Genuine Sensitive Eyes, and ReNu, Blink Contacts, Thera Tears Contact Lens Comfort Drops.  
“Dry eye” or under hydrated eye can be caused by many factors like age, prolonged contact lens wearing, exposure to sun, wind, dry air and medical issues.

Dry eye is very common in this area and many times is considered a medical condition.  Talk with Dr. Affleck for more specific information about the treatment and your own situation if you experience chronic dry eye.

 eye drop instilling instructions