At Affleck, MD Eye Care in Idaho Falls, ID a complete extensive eye examination for most people is easy and painless.  It is an essential part of your health and well-being because most eye conditions have no symptoms until they are serious. Another benefit from having regular complete eye examinations is that your eyes can reveal things about your overall health.

Your Visit

 If you are unable to keep your appointment,
 kindly give us 24 hours notice.
 Click here to read our late arrivals and missed appointments policies.
Please be aware that if your eyes are dilated  you will
need someone to drive you home. 
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Most first visits include three elements:

1. Registration and Medical/     general information
2. Preliminary testing
3. Extensive examination and consult with Dr. Affleck

Registration and Medical/ general information


Before your first visit: 

Affleck, MD Eye Care is now offering FREE to our patients’ easy and private access to their medical information online, so you can view your personal health record whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet!  
 Please come prepared for your first visit by reading in advance your welcome packet .  You can download it here or stop by the office and pick one up.  This information is important and enhances your experience with us.

Come to your appointment with:

  • Your insurance card(s) - Please make sure you have your ID numbers to both medical and vision Insurances. 

  • Referral if your insurance requires it.

  • Your driver’s license or photo ID from the state
  • Co-pay and payment not covered by your insurance for today's visit
  • Non-cover service of $56 refraction test (it rules out any underlining vision problems and is used for a prescription for glasses) will also be requires at almost all visits.
  • Completed welcome packet forms.  

    If you have any questions, please call us at 208-523-6868.

Preliminary Testing

Your preliminary testing will be completed by one of our well trained ophthalmic technicians.  If you wear corrective glasses or lenses please bring them to the appointment. Be prepared exam room friendly exam rooms in idaho falls idto remove you corrective lenses if needed. During your testing is when your eyes will be dilated.  For many people it takes up to 10 minutes for dilation to be complete. The dilation allows Dr. Affleck to see better into your eyes. The dilation will vary for each individual but can last up to 2 or 3 hours.  During this time your eyes will be sensitive to light. This may impair your driving.  This is why we advise you have someone drive you home after your appointment.



Extensive examination and consult with Dr. Affleck

During this part of your visit you will recieve a personal extensive exam from Dr. Affleck. Dr. Affleck will education you about your condition and make an individual personal health plan. To make the most of the consult bring prepared written questions.  Also make sure before you leave that you understand your condition(s), how it is treated, and what risks are involved for not following the treatment or not following it in the a timely manner.


During your visit be prepared to answers questions simular to these

• What is your problem?
• When did your problem begin?
• How suddenly did it begin?
• Has the problem worsened, improved, or remained unchanged?
• Does it affect one eye or both?   
• Have you recently had surgery or a procedure? 
• Type and date of surgery/procedure
• Has your vision changed?   
•Loss of vision? 
     • If yes is it Constant or Intermittent?     
• Any Change in vision? 
• Double vision?   Distorted vision?    Fading vision?   
• Eye pain? 
     • If yes, Location of pain?, description?, intensity?
•Has the pain worsened, improved, or remained unchanged?
•Did nausea and vomiting accompany the pain?  Yes/No
• Is there any other type of pain?   Headache?     Facial pain?  Jaw pain or ache? 
• Are your eyes red? 
• Has redness worsened, improved, or remained unchanged?
• Discharge from the eye?     If yes, describe:
•Eyelids stick together?
• Any burn/injury to the eye, forehead, or face? 
• Eye socket damaged?  Pain?  Vision loss?  Yes/No
• Describe how burn/injury occurred 
Click here for a worksheet with the above questions which you may fill out and bring to your appointment.