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Are you ready to take the journey to see the world more clearly? 

Let us help you understand the Lasik journey and if you are a
candidate. Affleck, MD Eye Care is now
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Keep in Mind...
When preparing keep in mind that if you wear soft contact lenses you need to stop wearing them 2 weeks before your exam and consult with Dr. Affleck for ACCURATE testing. If you wear other kinds of contacts lenses you will need to stop wearing them for 8 weeks. You will be informed at your FREE screening how many weeks to stop wearing contacts.
offering a FREE Lasik Screening with no obligations.
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We offer same day appointments Monday -Friday from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.  At your screening you will receive a welcome packet to start your journey toward the new you. 

With no obligation and financing available it is easy to join millions of people on the same exciting journey!

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Try these four steps toward your journey in understanding Lasik...

1. Schedule a FREE screening with us.  We can give you personal and individual information about you and Lasik.
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3. Read this brochure on Lasik
4. Visit trusted resources to learn more...