We will bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you. For your visit and treatment to be more efficient please contact your insurance company before your exam so you will be informed about your co-payment and deductible amounts.  We accept most insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, but you should find out if Dr. Affleck is a contracted provider with your individual plan.  For any surgical treatment, make sure you are aware of any restrictions, referrals, change in co-pay percentages, or pre-authorization that are required and notify us. Understanding and discussing this information with us early will help you have a smooth billing and payment experience.

In our office we accept medical Insurance AND limited vision plans allowables. There are various differences between having medical insurance and a vision plan or a “vision rider”.  

Your insurance has taken eye care services and divided it into two groups.  One group is defined as medical eye problems which treatment is covered by medical insurance.  The second group is defined as non-medical vision problems.  These services are covered by vision insurance.  Most people have medical insurance, they however, may or may not have vision benefits.  Your coverage will be determined by Dr. Affleck's findings along with the reason you have come for the visit.

Medical Finding/Medical Coverage

Non-medical Vision Problems/Vision Coverage

 MEDICAL “COMPREHENSIVE” EYE EXAM: An extensive evaluation of your eyes consist of a routine eye exam and a check for conditions such as

  • glaucoma

  • dry eyes

  • cataracts

  • retinal holes

  • diabetic

  • Crossing Eyes

  • many other eye disease/conditions

Treatment for these medical eye disease/conditions are also offered at this time.

Medical coverage will cover these services.

ROUTINE EYE EXAM:A routine eye exam covers basic eye care.  It is always assumed that NO known medical and/or eye conditions exist.

  1. nearsightedness
  2. farsightedness
  3. normal astigmatism
  4. reading problems

Only treatment given at this appointment is glasses and/or contacts IF necessary.

Vision Plan (VSP, EyeMed, or Davis Vision) covers ROUTINE eye care only.

If ONLY a ROUTINE exam is requested please understand that it is a limited visual check up.


If during your routine eye exam Dr. Affleck encounters a medical eye related problem, your Insurance requires that "medical" covers the visit with the medical co-pay and deductable. Medical visits  require specific counseling, documentation, follow up care, regular monitoring and many times more treatment than glasses or contacts. These visits are NOT COVERED by your Vision Plan.  However, as long as a prescription test is preformed at your visit, you can still use your Vision Plan benefits towards the purchase of glasses or contact lenses based on your plans allowances and necessity.